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Hot Tub Packages!

Step One - Choose your tub

Step One:


Rio Airjet

Standard Package

£130 - 3 Nights

£220 - 7 Nights

(extra nights £25 per night)

Helsinki Stock Image.jpg

Helsinki Airjet

Standard Package

£160 - 3 Nights

£250 - 7 Nights

(extra nights £25 per night)

Hawaii pro Stock 2.jpg

Hawaii Hydrojet Pro

(Jets & Bubble Ring)


Standard Package

£170 - 3 Nights

£260 - 7 Nights

(extra nights £25 per night)

Step Two:

Standard Package

  • Hot Tub of Your Choice

  • Foot Bath

  • Chemicals

  • New Filter Supplied With Every Hire

  • Water Test Strips

  • Net

  • Instructions For Use

  • Ground Mat

Standard Package Plus

  • ​The Standard Package and... 

  • Gazebo with Fairy Lights (multiple sizes to choose, please enquire)


Deluxe Package

  • ​The Standard Package and...

  • Gazebo with Fairy Lights (2 sizes to choose from, please enquire)

  • Side Table with Ice Bucket (ice not included)

  • 4 x Headrests & a Cup Holder (exclud. Helsinki)

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • Floating Multi-Coloured, Flashing Light

  • Spa Bomb (a bath bomb designed for spas)


Party Package A

  • ​The Deluxe Package +

  • 2 Traditional Garden Games of Your Choice - see choices HERE

  • Tub of Sweets

  • 6 x Cans of Soft Drink

Party Package B

  • ​The Deluxe Package +

  • Inflatable Ball

  • Waterproof Deck of Cards

  • Mini Water Pistols

  • Hook a Duck Game

  • Tub of Sweets

  • 6 x Cans of Soft Drink

Hot Tub Deluxe_daytime.jpg
Hot Tub Party_Daytime_1.jpg

Step Three:

  • Step/Lounger  -  £10

  • 4 Headrests & a Cup Holder  -  £10

  • Artificial Trees - £15 per set of 2 

  • Fragrance Bombs - £5 each

  • Floating Candles - £5

  • Inflatable Selfie Frame & 4 fun glasses - £15

  • Hook a Duck Game - £10

  • Waterproof Cards - £5

  • Flashing, Floating Light - £5

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - £5

  • Giant Garden Game - £20 each

What you can expect when you make a hot tub booking:

Choose how many nights you would like to hire the hot tub for and we will come on the arranged day for delivery at the time agreed at booking.  We will then hot fill your tub so that it is ready to use as soon as it has finished filling.  (Please let us know at the time of booking if you cannot provide hot water to fill the tub and we will arrange to deliver the tub the night before to cold fill and allow time for the tub to reach 40 degrees for your full length hire.)  We will show you how to safely use the hot tub and how to maintain the water for the duration of your hire.  We will then leave you to enjoy your hire and make some amazing memories.  We will be at the end of the phone if you have any problems.

What we will need you to provide:

  • A Flat Surface - of at least 2.5 x 2.5 metres  (3.2m+ if adding a gazebo - please check on size gazebo you're adding)​​

  • Electricity - power nearby (outside or inside)​

  • Water - you'll need to provide a hose with a reachable water source.  (if outdoor temperatures are below 4 degrees Celsius then we will need to fill from a hot tap - we have many adaptors to work with most kitchen/bathroom sinks)

  • Secure Garden

  • Clean Area - please clean any dog or cat mess from the garden and make sure the area you wish to have the hot tub is clear & ready for the hot tub to be set up.


A £50 deposit is required at the time of booking and a further £50 deposit will be required upon delivery to act as our security against damages.  The full £100 deposit will be returned at the end of the hire providing no damage has occurred during your hire.

Full hire fee will be due on arrival before we begin setting up. 

Payment via cash, BACS or card are accepted.

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