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Date Night Package

Romance is alive and well with this 'date night' package.  Filled with candles (battery operated), lanterns, rose petals and all the feels.  The bed comes complete with a rose on each pillow and a little paper box filled with sweets.  We've included a heart message board and on the table there's a lit heart, a speaker and another candle and plant.  In the basket you'll find a variety of games to play and 2 notebooks and pens.  We've also included a little pad of square paper to write those love messages on.  Outside the tent you'll find a heart door mat, light up heart, bunting and a beautiful dream catcher.  

Our date night themed bell tent come with:

  • A gorgeous floor mat

  • King size foam bed, 13.5 tog duvet, feels like down pillows, 100% cotton bedding, blanket

  • 2 roses and 2 little sweet boxes

  • Lots of battery operated candles to create the romantic atmosphere

  • Table - with 4 games, 2 note books and pens, light up heart, speaker, plant and candle holder.

  • Rug

  • Pouffe

  • Heart shaped message board with pad of paper

  • Bin

  • Various artificial plants

  • Door mat

  • Bunting

  • Fairy lights

  • Large red light up heart

  • Dream catcher

What you can expect when you make a bell tent booking:

Our delivery team will come to the agreed location at an agreed time and will set the tent and furnishings up for you.  We will explain how to safely use the bell tent and then leave you to enjoy your hire and make some amazing memories.  On your arranged collection day we will come and clean and dismantle the tent... all we ask is that the tent is empty of any of your possessions and rubbish, ready for when we arrive.

Hire a fully furnished bell tent:

1 night - £150

Extra nights charged at £25

What we will need you to provide:

  • A flat grass surface of 6 x 6 metres (the tent is only 4 metres but we will need to peg the guide ropes into the ground.  This can be done in borders if you're happy to give us permission to do so)

  • Secure garden

  • Clean area - please clean any dog or cat mess from garden

Bell Tent and Hot Tub Hire

Add a Hot Tub to your booking:

£20 off any hot tub package of your choice when hiring with a 3 day+ bell tent hire.

Bell Tent and Hot Tub Hire
Hot Tub Hire

Extra nights for Tent & Tub are charged

at £50 per night.

Hot Tub Party Hire

Add a Giant Garden Game to your hire:

1 night - £10      3 nights - £20      7 nights - £30

Giant Jenga.png
Noughts & Crosses.png

Add a Bouncy Castle to your hire:

Superhero Bouncy Castle Hire
Unicorn Bouncy Castle Hire
Dragon Bouncy Castle Hire

£20 off any bouncy castle of your choice when hiring with a bell tent.

Football Bouncy Castle Hire

* extra days charged with a 30% discount

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